A hotel with totally equipped rooms and a high willingness from our staff in making your visit either for work or pleasure a gratifying encounter.

contactoHotel Mondragón, a small but grand hotel.


presentacionA site with a great deal of history
The hotel is situated in the historical centre of Mondragón. A town pioneer in the cooperativism movement and the locksmith´s trade Industry, that offers an ample range of touristic activities and a beautiful environment.

The Hotel Mondragón, an emblemati building of the beginning of the XXth century, is perfectly adapted to the needs of tradespeople. The friendly hospitality and affability of our staff welcome the visitor in a homely atmosphere.

A site with a great deal of history, to enjoy the best of Mondragón, Debagoiena and the Basque Country.


Entrance of old UCEM. Workers at the factory entrance and staircase offices

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