The screw sweetest

Hotel Mondragon screws sells chocolate in ancient UCEM. The new screws Mondragonborn to cover the lack of a characteristic sweet metallurgical village

One hundred years after the Cerrajera Union Mondragon (UCEM) will launch production track screws and bolts, the production’ Bolt returns to Zaldibar. Imagen 002The chocolates again flourish on the old Cerrajera, but instead of gas bottles now sold delicious chocolate screws. Metallurgy has given way to the bakery in the historic UCEM offices, where for 13 years is headquartered Hotel Mondragon.

The manager of this hotel establishment, José Sande, is the ‘father’ of the Mondragon Screws.
These chocolates that mimic the shape of its metallurgical models, from the hexagonal head to the threaded body, born to cover the “Mondragon absence of a product or identifying characteristic confectionery of the town.” Sande remembered that Bergara”has its flagship stuffed and fried plantains, Oñati their chocolates image Arrikrutz or college … But Mondragon, nothing.”
With the closing of retirement several years ago of Onandia pastry sweet disappeared the only native recognized: the pitching Mondragon some quadrangular chocolates filled with praline with pieces of caramelized almonds and chocolate coated black.
“Many customers ask us about places to visit, restaurants and also some typical product to take as a souvenir. And here we had nothing of that. “
So began to germinate in the head of José Sande the idea of developing a product that would satisfy that demand. The metallurgical tradition cerrajera villa and the universal craving for chocolate gave him the keys he wanted. And it tore a process that would last more than a year until the final product was presented last December 22 under the name of Screws Mondragon.
Was a “participatory process” explained Sande. I applied to several cafes that gave me samples of chocolates with different flavors, and with them I made several tastings between friends.” One of the top-ranked in the voting was a “black chocolate flavor neutral” and coincidentally the most liked to Sande. It is a chocolate made by the famous confectioner gasteiztarra Luis Sosoaga. And it was to him that the hotel charged the elaboration of screws’, according Sosoaga consist of a truffled cream made of cream and coated with a black chocolate with rum made from raw materials of the highest quality.” The screws made in this Victorian house are sold on site in boxes of 6 and 12 units, sold at 6 and 10 euros respectively. The packaging, in purple and red tones, also designed by Sande, save some unambiguous industrial reminiscences.

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